KidCats! Kindergarten kids on the Move

For children aged 3-5 years.

KidCats_logo_3c mit schatten_100_neu„KidCats“ is our exercise program for kindergarten kids from 3 years.
For 7 years, Marc Krege and I always make new, challenging landscapes movement for children. In small groups movement skills are specifically trained. Balancing, throwing, catching, rolling, climbing, jumping and shimmy to name a few examples. Games and rules promote social skills. Rituals such as the welcome circle and the common tidying provide a familiar framework in which each child has its place. We are always happy to receive positive feedback after the enrollment test.
We practice on Saturday by 10 and 11 o`clock in the beautiful atmosphere of the gym of the Free Waldorf School in Essen (Stadtwald).


  • Versatile and experience-oriented designed practice sessions.
  • Promoting coordination skills.
  • Training of perception and sense of direction.
  • 3 coach for an individual and age-appropriate care
  • Targeted placement of movement skills using the latest pedagogical and methodological knowledge.
  • Challenging Parkours. Growing confidence.
  • Learning together in a friendly, playful atmosphere.

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