Welcome to the School of Movement

As a trainer for grassroots sport and health preservation, it is a great pleasure for me to train children and adolescents. My offerings include adventure and experience sports, slackline and Parkour classes, as well as swimming lessons and physical activities for children in kindergarden. My work focusses on the competences of balance and coordination.

Movement makes you smart!
Up until twelve years of age, children learn very quickly new movement patterns by mimicking or under supervision. Through versatile movement requirements, the coordinative skills and nerve connections develop intensively.  My offers provide a framework in which the children can develop their skills.

Balance, mobility, body awareness and the ability to concentrate
support the children in everyday life to discover their environment as an interesting playground and habitat. My work is planned for groups of clubs, schools and at private events. I have the licenses as a trainer C for amateur sports, as manager B for prevention and work as a swimming instructor and lifeguard in the Ruhr area.

Enjoy balancing,

Peter Kickum